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Residents, businesses encouraged to practice water conservation

Water consumption in the city has steadily increased over the past few days due to the warm, dry weather. Because increases in water usage might jeopardize the city’s ability to provide adequate fire protection, the city reminds residents that the odd/even watering restrictions are strictly enforced. Public Works staff are checking for violations at all hours of the day, including evenings, and issuing tickets.

The city's policy is based on an odd/even schedule. If your home or business address (1, 3, 5, etc.) you may water your lawn on odd-numbered calendar days each month. Likewise, if your address ends in an even number (0, 2, 4, etc.) you may water on even-numbered days of the month.. Lawn watering is not allowed between noon and 5 p.m., regardless if it is "your day" to water.

Violators will receive an administrative citation; first-time offenders are not exempt.

Further restrictions possible
Additional restrictions will be imposed if water consumption reaches 23.79 million gallons, or 93 percent of firm capacity. The city pumped 18.98 million of gallons of water on Thursday, June 10. If water consumption reaches 96 percent of capacity, the city will initiate a full watering ban.

The secondary lawn watering restrictions will temporarily limit lawn watering to two days per week. Residents will be permitted to water their lawn on the same day as their trash pickup day as well as one weekend day per week. If a resident’s trash pickup day is Monday or Tuesday, they may water their lawn on their trash day and Saturday. If the resident’s trash day is Wednesday or Thursday, they may water their lawn on their trash day and Sunday. Commercial watering will be limited to Fridays only. The noon to 5 p.m. time of day restriction will remain in effect.

If secondary lawn watering restrictions are imposed, residents will be notified through media releases, the city's website, InTouch email notifications, social media, and the CodeRED emergency calling system. In addition, signs will be installed at the entrances to neighborhoods from the main roads, informing residents of the additional restrictive measures.

Discounted Smart Irrigation Controllers available
The city's Smart Irrigation Controller Program is now open! Woodbury residents can purchase 8- or 16-zone Rachio3 smart irrigation controllers for a discounted price of $35 (retail value of $230).

Smart controllers are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to save your home at least 20 percent of your outdoor water use. Studies conducted by the University of Minnesota have shown these controllers save an average of 49% of outdoor water use for homes in Woodbury. They work by connecting to your home’s WiFi and reading local weather reports and forecasts to decide whether or not your yard needs additional water. Smart controllers do this automatically and can be controlled by your smartphone, computer or smart home device.

Learn more and purchase

Questions should be directed to Public Works at 651-714-3720.