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Council Perspective: Kindeva project will be catalyst for future commercial development

kindeva renderingBy Mayor Anne Burt

Woodbury was recently recognized by Money magazine as the ninth-best place to live in America and the best place to live in Minnesota. The magazine partially attributed the strong ranking to Woodbury's strong economy and access to employment opportunities that befit a much larger city. However, Money isn't the only group that has acknowledged Woodbury as a great place to live and do business; I want to tell you about the Kindeva project, which will serve as the catalyst for future development in the northeast part of our city.

Kindeva Drug Delivery, formerly 3M Drug Delivery Systems, is a leading global contract development and manufacturing organization that specializes in solving complex drug delivery challenges for its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. They have announced their intention to construct their global headquarters in Woodbury's northeast business park area.

The 136,000-square-foot facility will be located at the northeast corner of Settlers Ridge Parkway and Hudson Road and will provide corporate office and administrative spaces, laboratory and testing areas, clean manufacturing and production space, and warehouse/building support areas. While Kindeva has just short of 1,000 employees worldwide, their Woodbury headquarters space will likely open with about 150 employees and room to grow.

This project is consistent with the development vision for the northeast area that is outlined in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, our blueprint for future development. It also aligns with our economic development strategic plan, which prioritizes job growth in the community. Located adjacent to I-94 near Manning Avenue, land uses in the northeast area will likely include businesses that benefit from proximity and access to a major freeway distribution corridor,  representing a new development pattern for the city, with a focus on light industrial, manufacturing and distribution uses. With more than 400 acres of contiguous land guided for places to work, the northeast area offers a unique opportunity to diversify the city's job and tax base. 

As the first commercial development in this part of the community, the Kindeva project will establish the northeast area as a first-class business park with access to the freeway, employees and commerce partners, which will forge synergistic business relationships.  

Construction is expected to begin this fall with the goal of opening for business in July 2021. While full development of the northeast area is expected to take many years due to the sheer size of the area, the Kindeva project is an important first step toward implementing the economic development vision for this area. 

Long-term planning
I'm proud to represent one of the "Best Places to Live" in America. While we should be honored by the national recognition, it's important to note that Woodbury's success did not happen overnight. It took years of planning by city leaders - past and present - and wise, long-term decision-making to guide Woodbury into an attractive place to live, work and do business.

Our long-standing strategic philosophy of welcoming and planning for our fair share of the region's growth has helped create our reputation as a great place to live, work and thrive! So as you see new rooftops and soon-to-be built commercial buildings like Kindeva appearing across the city's landscape this year, remember that we enjoy a high quality of life in Woodbury today thanks to the growth we have experienced over the past 30-plus years. This continued, planned residential growth makes us an exciting, dynamic place to do business and attract businesses like Kindeva.

More development related information is available on the city's online development map. You may opt to receive an InTouch email notification when new projects are added to the development map. Be sure to select the "New residential and commercial developments" list.

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This article was originally published in the October 2020 City Update Newsletter.