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Review and comment on East Metro's drinking water supply plan through Dec. 10

Drinking FountainReview and comment on East Metro's drinking water supply plan through Dec. 10
On Sept. 10, the Minnesota Pollution Control agency (MPCA) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced a $700 million long-term drinking water protection plan for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the Twin Cities East Metropolitan Area, including Woodbury. The agencies revealed three draft options that would provide safe and sustainable drinking water. 

The city provided feedback on several items in the state’s draft options in October.

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While this input is technical in nature, there are two items the city is requesting be addressed that are critical and may be of particular interest to residents:

  1. Treating the water to the lowest feasible PFAS health index threshold possible should be a priority; and
  2. Settlement funds should be properly directed and prioritized first to capital and long-term operations and maintenance for drinking water treatment and to keep local water bills affordable for residents and businesses.

The public can learn more about the options on the 3M Settlement website. Private well owners can use the MPCA interactive map to see the draft long-term drinking water options for individual private wells.

“We are thrilled to see the state making progress on potential long-term water treatment solutions,” Mayor Anne Burt said. “We’ve been highly engaged working alongside them on this for many months and the draft options represent positive movement. The state sought our input about these options and we shared our concerns with them. We continue to strongly advocate for the long-term best interests of our residents and businesses and we hope we can work with the state agencies to resolve these issues in the coming weeks.”

“We are grateful the state was able to obtain the settlement dollars from 3M on our behalf,” Burt added. “We are responding to the state’s request for feedback and we feel all three draft options do not fit the long-term best interests of our community, which encompasses about half the total population impacted by PFAS in the East Metro.”

The state’s draft options were originally open for public comment through Oct 26. However, given the complexities of the draft long-term drinking water options, along with feedback from the 3M Settlement working groups requesting additional time, the MPCA and DNR extended the public comment period until Dec. 10 to ensure there is adequate time for those living and working in the east metro area to review.

“The city is doing an outstanding job advocating for Woodbury residents and businesses in meetings with the state agencies and other East Metro communities,” explained Mike Madigan, one of two residents representing Woodbury on the working groups studying this issue with the state for last two years. “Now, we need our residents to help by providing feedback to the state before the deadline. It is critical the state hears our concerns about the draft options at this time.”

How you can help
Share your thoughts about the state’s long-term drinking water treatment solutions for the East Metro. Complete the survey and be sure to share your concerns in the open-ended question No. 5 by Dec. 10. 

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The MPCA and DNR expect to finalize the East Metro drinking plan in early 2021. The city will provide updates as more information becomes available. Questions can be directed to

“The water the city delivers to customers continues to meet all state and federal standards and guidelines for PFAS,” explained Jim Westerman, the city’s utilities manager. “The temporary treatment facility constructed earlier this year will help the city meet water demand over the next five to seven years until Woodbury’s long term solution is implemented.”

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