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Policing race equity in Woodbury

In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police officers, many discussions about police and community relations have been sparked across the state and country.

Woodbury’s City Council, Public Safety Department and organization staff were shocked and appalled by what happened to Mr. Floyd. Our hope is for justice for the Floyd family, and to eventually begin the healing process here in the Twin Cities and throughout the country.

Since the death of Mr. Floyd and the acceleration of protests and public scrutiny around the world, we have received considerable feedback and specific inquiries in regards to race and equity measures that the City is taking. To help address these concerns, we have created a Racial Equity and Police Accountability page. You can also download the information in a printable format.

Strategic Initiative: Adapt and Enhance Public Safety Effectiveness
In August of 2019, the Woodbury City Council identified three urgent, high priority focus areas, known as Strategic Initiatives. One of these was to “adapt and enhance Public Safety effectiveness.” At that time, Council recognized that the City of Woodbury is diversifying and aging, affecting service demands and how services are provided. The public safety environment is also changing and will continue to change due to local demographics, service demands, labor negotiations, city growth and development, how services are funded, staffing and succession, state and national political influence and more.

Proceeding with public safety as a Strategic Initiative, especially in light of recent events, will provide the necessary research, detail and focus on these services to ensure the City Council can make informed, long-term and strategic decisions regarding not only the City Public Safety Department, but the public safety of the community. This is an ongoing strategic priority.

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