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A message from Mayor Anne Burt: Serving with compassion and courage

Mayors MessageI want to address our Woodbury community regarding the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This incident has reverberated in our community, throughout our City of Woodbury organization and, most importantly, among our community members of color. 

I, along with the members of the Woodbury City Council and staff, are shocked and appalled by what happened to Mr. Floyd. Our hope is for justice for the Floyd family, and to eventually begin the healing process here in the Twin Cities and throughout the country.

The City of Woodbury organization is committed to our mission of serving all people with compassion and upholding the sanctity of life. Unfortunately, the peaceful protests have been accompanied by destructive behavior, and our business community has suffered some damage as well. 

Woodbury Public Safety has been assisting our partners in Washington County with various situations that have unfolded over the last few days. We have increased staffing to continue efforts in protecting life and property in our city, while also providing assistance to our neighboring agencies. This mutual aid effort also provides Woodbury with assistance from our neighboring communities if/when we need it. We also have a robust emergency operations protocol that we are prepared to initiate if needed.

If you are looking for status updates about critical incidents that may be occurring in Woodbury, sign up to receive messages from our CodeRED emergency calling/texting/emailing system. Local business owners and managers also are encouraged to sign up, as it is the fastest way we can provide important information to all of you simultaneously.

As always, requests for Public Safety response must be made through 911. 

The city is not mandating or recommending businesses to close or stay open; the decision is up to each business to decide what is best to protect their customers, employees and property. 

As we each process these difficult times, we remain committed to uphold the constitutional rights of every individual and value life beyond any other public purpose. Fostering an inclusive and welcoming community that values all residents and their diversity is paramount to the city’s continued success. In addition, we will continue working to ensure all of our community members feel welcome, safe and connected in the community. 

-Mayor Anne Burt