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Water Softening

Woodbury's water hardness is approximately 13.5 grains. While individual water softening is not necessary, many individuals choose to have private water softeners.

The calcium from limestone is the major contributor to the hardness of Woodbury's water. Hardness can appear as a nuisance when water is boiled or dried from a drip because it forms a white powder residue when all the water evaporates. It also interferes with soap and detergent use. People with very soft water can use smaller amounts of soap and detergent for washing.

Things you should know if you soften your water:

Do you get blue, green or pink stains in your sinks at home?

Why do we soften water?

How do water softeners work?

What can I do to fix the problem?

How do I reset my water softener?

Are there different types of salts I can use in my softener?

What else should I know?