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Street Sweeping

The city conducts annual Street Sweeping Programs that involve the removal of the residual sand resulting from snow and ice control maintenance. All curbed streets are swept full width, typically in April. Fall street sweeping in September is conducted as a way to help keep storm sewers clean and improve stormwater quality. 

The city encourages residents to deposit any sand that has accumulated on the boulevard into the street near the curb prior to spring sweeping activities commencing on their street. This allows the street sweeper to remove the material and make spring cleanup easier for the residents. In areas where construction activities are not fully completed, the Engineering Division arranges for the streets to be swept on a regular basis by the project developer. During the construction season, streets in construction areas are swept on Fridays, weather permitting and on an as needed basis.

For further information contact the Public Works Department at (651) 714-3720 or at