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Snow and Ice Control

Plowing Activities
In an average winter, Public Works crews plow city streets about 25 times. Each time they are called out, plow operators clear the equivalent of 755 miles of one-lane roadway and 555 cul-de-sacs.

Plowing activities begin whenever conditions make driving difficult. During average winter conditions, it takes eight to nine hours to complete snow removal operations. For effective plowing, Woodbury's winter parking ordinance requires that all vehicles must be off the public streets from 2-6 a.m.

Priority of City Streets
Roads adjacent to schools and primary streets, such as Tamarack Road, Woodlane Drive, Lake Road, Bielenberg Drive and Hudson Road, are given first priority for plowing. Residential streets and cul-de-sacs are cleared next. The city's goal is to have the primary roads cleared before the morning and evening rush hours and complete plowing and sanding of all city streets and cul-de-sacs within eight hours. Under most conditions, the eight-hour goal for completing plowing can be achieved. Snow accumulations greater than 6 inches or high winds can increase the time to complete the plowing.

Occasionally, primary roads will require sanding or plowing that is not needed on residential streets. This occurs primarily during a light snowfall with less than a 2-inch accumulation. In these instances, traffic can maneuver safely on streets with low volumes of traffic, but roads with high volumes of traffic need the extra attention.

Many cul-de-sacs are center-stored. Center storage reduces the large piles of snow otherwise stored in the resident’s boulevard or yard. This also reduces or eliminates the number of support vehicles needed to clear cul-de-sacs, saving time and money.

County Roads
While the city plows most of the streets in Woodbury, Washington County is responsible for county roads within the city. These include Valley Creek Road (between I-494 and Woodbury Drive), Radio Drive, Woodbury Drive, Bailey Road, and Military Road. The city also does not plow freeways, state highways, or private roads (marked with a blue sign). Questions about plowing procedures on county roadways can be directed to Washington County at (651) 430-4300 or