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Maintenance Strategies

Patch and Repair: The repair of the typical "pothole" or other similar small isolated section of structural failure. It involves removal and repair of the street section.

Crack seal: Bituminous or blacktop pavement by design is flexible to accommodate the freeze/thaw cycle of our climate. Subsequently, cracking will occur in relatively new pavement and continue throughout its life due to age, traffic, weather, etc. Crack sealing is the placement of a rubberized sealant in the crack that will provide a protective coating and seal out water.

Spray Patching: Spray patching is a fast, cost efficient way to make repairs to damaged pavement by filling with emulsion and aggregate.  It effectively fills potholes and reduces further deterioration.

Mill and Overlay: This process includes grinding the old surface to make the pavement uniform, then adding a new hot-mix overlay. An overlay is a structural improvement which renews the street surface and extends the life cycle of the original pavement.

Reconstruction: All existing asphalt pavement is removed through a full-depth milling process, pulverized to a specific gradation, reclaimed and recycled with the existing aggregate base. Then a new full-depth hot-mix asphalt pavement is installed. It may also involve soil corrections and removal of aggregate base.