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Units and Programs

Bike Patrol
The bike patrol unit, established in 1992, is a successful part of our community's and provides opportunities for closer community contact, increased visibility around the city and a more discreet approach. 

K-9 Unit
The Woodbury Police Department utilizes police canine (K-9) units for tracking of lost/missing persons, detecting drugs, searching buildings and locating suspects. 

Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Woodbury Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) is an engaged group of volunteers that advise the Woodbury Police Department in order to enrich the relationship between underrepresented community members and the department. 

Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol is a crime awareness program that encourages dog walkers throughout the city to assist the Woodbury Public Safety Department as extra sets of eyes and ears in ongoing crime prevention efforts.

School Programs
Police officers act as school resource officers and guest instructors on topics ranging from constitutional law, driver's education, substance abuse and violence prevention. 

Traffic Safety
The Traffic Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious injury, fatal, and hit & run vehicle crashes, providing education and enforcement of traffic laws and working with city engineers to promote traffic safety.