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School Programs

The Woodbury Police Department has an extensive history of cooperation with our local public schools. Police officers act as school resource officers and guest instructors on topics ranging from constitutional law, driver's education, substance abuse and violence prevention. Our philosophy is that time invested in our youth is worthwhile and is an important part of a community strategy to keep kids healthy and safe. It is not unusual to see a police officer at our elementary, middle or senior high schools. We hope that by communicating with children in a positive, helpful way at an early age, we can send a consistent message of support and accountability. When young people get to know individual police officers as real people who care about them and the community, they know that we are part of their support network that will help guide them through adolescence.

If you have questions regarding our juvenile programs, please contact us at 651-714-3600 or

During the school year, questions can be directed to: