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Police Reserves

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Woodbury Police Reserves are a group of volunteers who work directly with sworn police officers to supplement the Woodbury Public Safety team.   

This volunteer program puts community members on the street, in uniform, for a minimum of 10 hours each month.   During their shifts, our Reserve team provides assistance to police officers and the community in several way ways, including community engagement, after-hours park patrol, special details for community events, transports (jail, detox, shelters and others) vehicle inventories and crime scene security.  Our dedicated reserve officers give back to their community in limitless ways while enhancing the work of Woodbury's sworn police officers.  

You do not need law-enforcement training to apply to be a reserve officer.   Our volunteers are community members from varied backgrounds and occupations who give their time to enhance the safety of our community.    Each has received training in police procedures, self defense and safety, first aid and CPR, accident/crime scene management, traffic and crowd control and community relations.   

We are currently accepting applications for the position of Reserve Officer.    Applications will be review on a regular basis then interviews will be scheduled and the position will be filled.    Finalists will undergo an in-depth background evaluation, along with other assessments.    

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If you have any questions about the police reserve unit, please email your questions to