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Salary and Benefits

Base Annual Salary: $62,192
Top Annual Salary: $88,504

Officers also receive assignment pay and longevity pay, based on the Woodbury Police Officers Association Labor Agreement.

  • 8 year longevity: Base + 5.5 percent
  • 12 year longevity: Base + 7.5 percent
  • 16 year longevity: Base + 9.5 percent
  • Field Training Officer: Base + $3.22 while field training
  • Other assignment pay applicable as contract stipulates

New officers are provided all uniforms and equipment (including an AR-15 rifle and laptop computer) upon participating in the police officer academy. In addition, officers receive $890 annually for uniform allowance. Applicants with previous law enforcement experience may be granted a higher starting base wage and/or increased level of vacation accrual.