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Permits and Licenses

There are a number of activities that require a permit or license in the City of Woodbury. It is the responsibility of each individual to know what activities need a license or permit. For more information and hours or scheduling for these services, please follow the links below and on the left navigation pane. 

Acquire a Handgun
A permit is required in order to acquire a pistol from a federal firearms dealer. Application for this permit must be made in the city in which you reside, or the county sheriff if there is no local police department. Applications for Permits to Carry a Handgun are processed by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Dog Licenses
A dog license must be purchased for each dog over the age of six months residing in the City of Woodbury. Dog licenses must be renewed every two years.

Hunting and Shooting Permit
Most of Woodbury is designated as no hunting. However, there are still limited locations in the city where hunting is allowed. To use these areas, all hunters are required to obtain landowner permission and complete a hunting permit.

Liquor License
An application packet can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk or by following the link above. The application process takes approximately 60 to 90 days from the date of application submission to the date of license issuance.

Solicitors/Peddlers/Mobile Vendors (Door-to-Door Sales)
The City of Woodbury requires that any person engaging in door-to-door sales apply for a license  (peddlers) or registration (solicitors) from the city.  Mobile vendors are required to apply for a license for their vehicles, and drivers are required to apply for registration. The license or registration must be received before business can be conducted in the city.