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Links and Resources

Peddlers and Solicitors
The City of Woodbury requires that any person engaging in door-to-door sales apply for a permit (peddlers) (mobile vendors) or registration (solicitors) from the city. Solicitors are required to display their permit at all times. Any resident who wishes to exclude peddlers or solicitors from their premises may place a printed placard near the usual entrance. You can click the link below to print a copy of a placard or you can pick up a pre-printed sign at the Woodbury Public Safety Building, 2100 Radio Drive or at Woodbury City Hall at 8301 Valley Creek Road between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Print No Solicitors Sign

Residents may report violators by quickly calling the Police Department dispatch at (651) 439-9381, allowing an officer to respond immediately. Callers should be prepared to provide a physical description of the person, direction of travel, and/or vehicle information, if obtainable.

Identity Theft

If you believe that someone is using your personal information to open accounts or make purchases, you can find information on Identity Theft: What To Do if it Happens to You. More information about reporting and recovering from identity theft can be found at

Occasionally, Woodbury residents receive suspicious phone calls. For information about common phone scams and what to do if you're targeted by these callers, read Phone Scams: What To Do if it Happens to You. More information about scams in Minnesota can be found on the Minnesota Attorney General's website.

Print Tips to Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraud

Residents in Crisis
For contact information and resources available to residents in crisis, see our Resource and Referral guide.

For information about citations and paying fines, visit the MN Judicial Branch. For information about the administrative citation process, visit the Administrative Citations Hearings and Fines page.