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Demographic Make-up of Woodbury Police Officers

 Woodbury Public Safety Department Demographics
   Male  Female Non-white  Total Number
1968-Present  73% 20%  7%  172
Current  74%  18%  7%  70 
Statewide  88%  12%  N/A*  10,849
*The State of Minnesota reports total number of licensed officers by sex. In order to measure our progress as we work to increase diversity, we track the other measures ourselves. This is why Statewide comparisons are "not applicable."

 Woodbury Officers’ Pre-Employment Background 
 Part-Time in Woodbury (CSO, Medic, Reserve)  43% 
 Community Service Officer Elsewhere  6%
 Police Officer Elsewhere  37% 
Other Public Safety Experience  3%
No Police Experience 11%