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Woodbury Gold Line Master Plan

The METRO Gold Line is a planned 9-mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) dedicated guideway that will connect Woodbury to Saint Paul and other eastern suburbs. Service is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2024. In Woodbury, the Gold Line would run north-south following Bielenberg Drive then turning onto Guider Drive, where the corridor ends.

Three stations are planned in Woodbury and the city is seeking your input on the master plan for each station area. Watch a short video below on the Gold Line Master Plan for more information. 

The city is looking for community input on ideas to create a walkable and bike-friendly environment with a mixture of land uses that may include housing, office, retail or other amenities. These ideas should take into consideration opportunities to enhance the station area’s access to jobs, housing, goods and services, and recreational opportunities.

Woodbury Gold Line stations map

Visit the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan page for more information on the project and contact information. 

Project Updates

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January 2020: Project Kickoff
May-September 2020: Public Engagement
Winter 2020/2021: Project adoption

Contact information
If you have any questions for comments, please contact Gina Gore, Planner I at 651-714-3531 or

For more information on policies, goals and calculations of land use needs for the city based upon growth projections for population, households and employment, visit the 2040 Comprehensive Plan page.