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Private yard waste site closes; city working with county to identify options for site
The city is aware that the owner of the privately-operated compost site in Woodbury has decided to close their business. While the city would like to see convenient access to yard waste services continue for its residents, it is not in a position purchase or lease the property to operate a yard waste facility.

City staff has had conversations with Washington County and has identified that Washington County is best suited to take the lead on evaluating the yard waste needs of county and city residents. Washington County is considering options for the on-going operation of the facility.

Yard Waste Drop-off SitesOptions for yard waste drop-off for residents
Residents may choose to dispose of yard waste at private or public facilities in Washington County (see map, right). Washington County residents can also drop off yard waste free of charge at the following Ramsey County disposal sites:

  • Arden Hills, 3530 Hudson Avenue
  • Battle Creek (St. Paul), 389 South Winthrop Street (leaves and grass only; no brush or tree waste) 
  • Frank & Sims (St. Paul), 1150 Sims Avenue
  • White Bear Township, 5900 Sherwood Road 

Photo ID is required. Learn more on the county’s website

In addition, some trash haulers offer curbside pickup of yard waste for a fee. Residents should contact their trash hauler to learn more. 

A rain garden in the Colby Lake neighborhoodNative Landscaping
The way we manage our yards and gardens can have a significant effect on our environment. You can have a beautiful, healthy yard that is also environmentally friendly.

Minnesota is home to a variety of native plants that provide a low maintenance and beautiful landscape while eliminating the need for fertilizers and excessive water use in your garden.

Learn more about Native Landscaping


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