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Elevated Watering Restrictions: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new temporary watering restrictions?

Why are the increased water restrictions necessary? 

How does the DNR call to action/drought designation work?

How will I know if the increased water restrictions change and/or expiring? 

What happens if someone violates the policy? 

So many communities are just now moving to odd/even watering schedules, why is Woodbury doing more?

How long will the increased water restrictions be in effect? 

Will we end up with a total watering ban?

Can I water my flowers/garden/landscaping? 

What if I am planting new seed/sod?

I'm worried about my grass dying. How can I protect it?

How can I help conserve irrigation water use?

Do the increased restrictions apply to city facilities?

Do the increased restrictions apply to commercial properties and homeowners associations?