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The project areas include the Preserve Area and Hudson Road as shown on the Project Map. The developments in the Preserve Area were built in the mid to late 1990s, and the pavement has deteriorated to a point where maintenance is no longer effective. The total length of roads in the area is approximately 4.5 miles. The rehabilitation project will include:

  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Replacement of damaged curb
  • Combination of full and spot curb replacement
  • Minor repairs to storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and watermain 
2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project Overview - Preserve Area
2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project Overview - Hudson Road
2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project Construction Phasing Map

The city is also exploring new trail and sidewalk construction in the neighborhood. Please note, if trails or sidewalks are constructed, the city will consider narrowing the roads from 32 feet to 28 feet, which is the current standard street width. Narrowing the streets will serve to minimize impacts from construction of a trail/sidewalk and will likely result in decreased vehicle speeds.

2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project - Existing & Proposed Trail Network Map

View the city's assessment policy 
The total estimated cost for this project is approximately $4 million. Assessments will be levied on property owners in the project area based on the City’s Special Assessment policy. At this point, it is too early to estimate assessment amounts. Preliminary assessment amounts will be presented prior to the public improvement hearing anticipated in October 2020. Notices will be sent to all homeowners prior to the hearing. Assessment amounts will be finalized after bids are received in January, and will be presented in an assessment hearing to the City Council in March 2021.
Preliminary Report for the 2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project - Preserve Area
Preliminary Report for the 2021 Roadway Rehabilitation Project - Hudson Road

Proposed Schedule (Subject to Change)

December 1, 2020 Virtual Neighborhood Meeting No. 1
  Neighborhood Meeting No. 1 Presentation
December 9, 2020 Public Improvement Hearing, Order Project, Approve Preliminary Reports, Authorize Preparation of Plans & Specifications
January 27, 2021 Approve Plans & Specifications, Set Bid Date
February 25, 2021 Open Bids
April 6, 2021 Neighborhood Meeting No. 2
  Join Meeting
April 14, 2021 Assessment Hearing, Award Construction Contract
April 29, 2021  Neighborhood Meeting No. 3
May 2021 Begin Construction
October 2021  Complete Construction