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Host a Save a Life Party

Can't make it to a training session? Bring Hands-Only CPR training to you by hosting a Save a Life Party!
To get started, send an email to

How to host a Save a Life Party in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Organize

  • Set a date, time and location.
  • Reserve a Hands-Only CPR Kit by sending an email to
Step 2: Plan
  • Create an invitation list and send postcards or emails inviting people to attend. Invite a variety of people who may want to learn and who will share the information.
  • Plan for video needs. The Anytime program requires a DVD player and audio system.
  • Be sure to review the Hands-Only CPR video and tool kit before the big event.
  • For smaller groups, consider making it a potluck or adding the training to another group meeting.
  • For larger groups, like a scout troop or book club meeting, consider inviting the Take Heart Woodbury team to assist you with the training.
Step 3: Promote
  • Send out reminders to guests before the event.
  • Consider sharing information about your party with the local newspaper or other community information sources.
Step 4: Host
  •  Explain the information learned in reviewing the Hands-Only CPR DVD and tool kit.
  • Watch the DVD and learn “How to Save a Life!”