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A Growing Community

Minnesota's 8th largest city
Much of Woodbury's extraordinary success as a community comes from more than four decades of long-range, planned growth. The city's residents, more than 70,000, continue to rank the quality of life and sense of community in Woodbury as among the highest in the metro area.  It's no surprise that Woodbury continues to be ranked nationally as one of the best places to live.  

New residents are attracted to Woodbury’s well-planned neighborhoods, parks and trails, schools and overall quality of life, and the continued growth in new housing starts certainly supports that claim.  Woodbury was among the top growing suburbs in 2020, with permits issued for 891 new housing units.

The City has long supported a variety of housing types to accommodate people of all ages, income levels and family status. The number of new single family and attached units has remained relatively steady since the end of the recession, and Woodbury continues to be an attractive market for new apartment projects. Over the last ten years, the split between single family and attached housing units (townhomes and apartments) has been relatively even, with 51.9 percent of the units being single family and 48.1 percent being attached.

New Housing Units by Type

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Total Household and Population Projections

Year Population Households 
2000* 46,463  16,676 
2010*  61,961  23,568 
2020  72,500 26,800
2030 Projected 80,500 29,500 
2040 Projected 87,800  32,100 

*US Census data