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Park Projects

The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance and development of the parks, trails and open space system throughout the city. Currently, the system consists of approximately 3,290 acres of city-owned property, 148 miles of trails, 123 athletic fields, including school fields, 46 play structures, 76 sport court facilities, 55 named parks and open spaces, which includes five large community parks and more than 31 miscellaneous park buildings. The division also mows more than 540 acres of park and boulevard turf and maintains more than 14,000 trees within these mowed areas.

Each summer, the department plans and implements a park pavement maintenance project. The 2018 projects are summarized below:

New Trail Construction/Reconstruction

Projects include reconstruction segments of trail throughout the city, which are in poor condition and showing signs of severe surface raveling and large sections of trail in need of reconstruction.

Basketball/Tennis Court

  • Wedgewood Heights Park - Tennis court reconstruction during the summer of 2018, as part of the annual Parks Pavement Project. Project to include initial borings to verify soils, followed by a totally new surface, new paint, new 10' black vinyl fence, additional drainage under the courts, some upgrades to benches and bench pads, including extending bench pad to incorporate job box, some trail repair following construction and drainage installation.

  • Fairway Meadows Park - Project includes color coating the basketball and tennis courts and basketball net adjusted to new standards.

Parks and Playgrounds

  • Windwood Passage Park Improvements - Future plans include replacing the existing playground with a new play structure, correcting drainage issues along the trail and improving the ball field backstop fencing. A project timeline and updates will be provide as they become available.

Ojibway Park Project

Future Park Planning

Questions can be directed to Mike Adams, assistant Park and Recreation director, at (651) 414-3435 or